March 8, 2023
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Intel® & IBC Live 360 Degree XR Conference Broadcast

The world’s first ever Intel Visual Cloud Conference was broadcasted LIVE in 8K 360 degree video for Android, iOS, and Oculus Go devices.

Live from the IBC Conference RAI Amsterdam – Iconic Engine, a pioneering provider of an end-to-end extended reality (XR) solutions, announced a collaboration with IBC and Intel, for the hosting of the first ever Visual Cloud Conference. The physical conference was held at the RAI, Amsterdam – but participants could join virtually from anywhere in the world via the Iconic Engine built XR apps for Android, iOS, and Oculus Go devices.

More than 72 hours of live conference footage was delivered to virtual delegates using the Iconic Engine Intel XR apps from places as far afield from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. The participants were able to choose their view into the event and feel just like they were physically in the event.

Check out this Intel Chip Chat Network Insights episode and learn more about the project.

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