March 8, 2023
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Major Baseball League T-Mobile 5G AR Glasses Fan Experience

T-Mobile and Iconic Engine give the fans superpowers though 5G networks and Iconic Engine's AR platform.

An Immersive fan experience delivered through 5G‑powered smart glasses, holograms and Mixed Reality apps

Iconic Engine, working in conjunction with T-Mobile, and Major League Baseball (MLB) team The Seattle Mariners delivered this next-Level in stadium VIP sports XR fan-experience showcase powered by T-Mobile 5G through nReal AR glasses at T-Mobile Park. Using Nreal smart glasses, baseball fans can view an enhanced AR scoreboard and get real-time MLB stat cast updates. Mariners’ outfielder Mitch Haniger makes an appearance via his hologram.

The participants can see a dancing 'Mariner Moose' mascot who celebrates big moments in the game. In addition to watching the live action on the field, fans can explore virtual baseball cards updated with real-time stats, or browse an extensive video library of Mariners’ game highlights. Virtual fireworks display every time the Mariners score a run. This full XR experience was built by Iconic Engine in collaboration with T-Mobile and powered by T-Mobile’s high-speed, low-latency Ultra Capacity 5G network:

  • Major Basketball League (MLB) games with real-time live AR
  • Sponsors/Guests T-Mobile VIP MLB XR lounge experience 
  • Real-time virtual stats, player holograms, and videos in AR
  • AR holographic team mascot
  • SportRadar live data & analytics 
  • Powered by in stadium 5G

Read more and watch the video in John Saw's blog post about the project.

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