March 10, 2023
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5G Visions Unleashed: The Ultimate Vertically-Integrated VoD Experience for Celcom

Celcom, one of Malaysia's largest telecom companies, launched its 5G network with a unique VR Now app powered by Iconic Engine's Metaverse Engine.

Celcom is one of Malaysia’s largest telecommunications companies, and it launched its 5G network in 2022.

In order to help persuade users to adopt 5G, Celcom offered a variety of packaged features and applications including its 5G VR Now application powered by Iconic Engine’s Metaverse Engine™.

Celcom’s VR Now application is unique in Iconic Engine’s offerings as it heavily integrates Celcom’s systems to allow for paid user subscriptions.

A 5G Vertically-Integrated VoD Platform

Celcom’s 5G VR Now is a complete vertical integration of Celcom’s technologies and packages. It is a promotion of Celcom’s 5G network and capabilities by providing its customers with free and paid content that is available on all network speeds but at the highest fidelity only on 5G. In order to showcase its 5G network, Celcom is using multiple services within the Iconic Engine Metaverse Engine to accomplish:


  • Management, publishing, and distribution of 360 video content from globally-renowned studios via Iconic Engine’s Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integration of Celcom’s Identity Management System (IDM) to allow for user subscriptions via Iconic Engine’s Enterprise IDM Integration Middleware
  • Integration of Celcom’s User Paywall System to allow for users to subscribe via Celcom phone plans instead of In-App Purchases via Iconic Engine’s Paywall     Integration Middleware
  • Collection and delivery of user data and subscriptions to Celcom via Iconic Engine’s Data Service

Management, Publishing, and Distribution of 360 Video Content

Celcom is providing its users with world-class content, and in order to provide that content, Iconic Engine’s Content Management System allows for easily managing, publishing, and restricting the content.

Celcom is able to test the content without pushing the videos to its entire customer base, and then set the release and end date within the system to automatically publish the content for its licensed duration to its users.

Integration of Celcom’s Identity Management System

Celcom’s Identity Management System is at the core of providing its users with the video content. Only Celcom mobile subscribers have access to 5G VR Now, and depending on their plan, they may have free monthly subscriptions to access the amazing 360 content.

Celcom leveraged Iconic Engine’s IDM Integration Middleware to connect in Celcom’s IDM, so their customer can login via One-Time Passcodes (OTP) and see how many free subscriptions they have based on their phone plan. The integration logic also manages how many free subscriptions each plan receives.

Integration of Celcom’s Paywall System

Ultimately, Celcom is giving free subscriptions to all its customers, but additional subscriptions may be purchased. This means that there needed to be an integration of Celcom’s own Paywall System. This is possible with Iconic Engine’s Paywall Integration Middleware, a service within the Metaverse Engine™.

Unlike providing direct in-app purchase via Apple or Google, Celcom is adding in the subscriptions onto its users monthly phone bill. This is an interesting service as instead of using Apple or Google’s In-App purchase service, which has its own fees, this allows the users to directly manage their accounts and subscriptions within Celcom’s portal.

Collection and Delivery of Data and Subscriptions

Additionally, Celcom needs Iconic Engine to send an audit log of video plays and user subscriptions in order for them to track performance of their content and application as well as ensure that their back-end subscriptions match Iconic Engine’s logs.

This data report is delivered daily to Celcom to ensure that all information is copacetic.

A Push of 5G Content and Subscriptions

Celcom’s 5G VR Now launched in Q4 of 2022, and it has provided a fantastic case study in using Iconic Engine’s Metaverse Engine™:

  1. To provide a high quality video experience to its consumers
  2. To showcase the need for holistic vertical integration of software, hardware, network, and packaging to increase revenue generation

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