Elevate Your Event Experiences!

At Iconic Engine, we specialize in creating immersive experiences that elevate events to new heights. Our expertise in Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has redefined the standard for interactive enjoyment, delighting guests and crafting unforgettable event experiences. 

We're thrilled to unveil two captivating games designed for an unforgettable festival atmosphere, ensuring dynamic engagement and lasting memories.

Smash O' Lantern

Unleash your inner champion in Smash O' Lantern! This exhilarating game challenges players to smash all 28 pumpkins on the screen within a heart-pounding 30-second timeframe. Test your precision and aim by throwing balls at the pumpkins. Whether you're competing solo for the high score or challenging friends, the competitive gameplay will keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout.

Pumpkin Feed Frenzy

Pumpkin Feed Frenzy offers a unique and fast-paced experience that's perfect for all ages. In this game, the goal is to feed as many pumpkins as possible in just 30 seconds to earn points. It's a departure from traditional games and guarantees endless fun. The engaging gameplay is easy to pick up, making Pumpkin Feed Frenzy an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

Key Highlights