Iconic Engine provides XR related services to brands, agencies, Hollywood studios, and the live entertainment industry. From creative to technical development, Iconic Engine is uniquely positioned to offer services in the following areas:

  • Immersive VOD content production

  • Brands and content partnerships

  • Interactive XR content development

  • XR live production and streaming

  • Experiential installations at live events

  • App development and mobile solutions


Rampage AR

Viewers can interact with a photorealistic 3D model of the course in AR on supported iOS and Android devices within the Red Bull TV app. Watch the mountain come to life before your eyes on your coffee table, desk, or floor and pan around it or move up close to see detail. Not only does this capture the immense size and scale of the mountainside, but it also allows fans to zoom in on key points of interest overlaid on the digital mountainside, from interviews and behind-the-scenes clips to point-of-view videos from the riders. Four 360-degree cameras will also be set up around the course, with the app offering a seamless transition from the AR environment to the 360-degree streams. Everything will run concurrently alongside the traditional live broadcast, which will be viewable on a virtual billboard in the AR space.


Voltron VR Chronicles

In DREAMWORKS VOLTRON VR CHRONICLES, viewers become a Paladin of Voltron and blast through time and space to save the Universe from dangerous alien threats in a fully-immersive environment with interactive elements. Fans join forces with characters Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Allura and Coran in a narrative where they fight back against the constant threat of Zarkon by solving puzzles and conquering challenges.


House of Legends

The NBA VR app transports viewers into their very own lavish Virtual 360 Sports Lounge with admission to unique and personal NBA content. In this immersive lounge, fans have access to Video-On-Demand, where they can watch NBA highlights and features in their giant, private screening room with tailored, On-Demand player and team statistics. Here, fans also experience House of Legends, as an active member of the cast. Each episode transports real NBA stars into the fans’ private Virtual Sports Lounge to talk pop culture and all things basketball. House of Legends is the most intimate NBA experience available, giving fans the ability to virtually hang out with their favorite players, and watch the game all from the comfort of their home.

End to End Production

Platform in action


Minneapolis VR

 When it comes to Live VR Productions, nothing compares to our presentation of the 2017 X Games. The goal was to create the most entertaining, engaging and exciting Live Broadcast to date, with all of the bells and whistles that we could throw at it. With a fully integrated broadcast graphics package, 360 featurettes, VR sideline reporters, specialty cameras and much more, we set a bar with this live VR broadcast that will be a benchmark for years to come.


Undefeated VR

 Presented as part of Samsung’s Live Pass promotion, this Live VR broadcast of UFC 212 presented a unique set of challenges. With a focus on delivering content that was not only comfortable but also engaging, we were required to create a seven-hour live run of the show available in three different languages, with minimal support from the 2D broadcast. To alleviate some of that stress, we created 360 featurettes, motion graphics, and roaming cameras as well as integrating 2D commercials from Samsung.

2016 Rio Games

360 Live

 The epitome of Live Broadcast, the 2016 Rio games were the first foray into Live VR from OBS. We were responsible for the daunting task of curating over 270 hours of live production into white labeled apps delivered to 38 separate broadcasters and pulled it off without a hitch. The ability to insert 2D broadcast graphics into the 360-sphere for this production was a first of its kind; a game changer in the Live VR broadcast world.


Peace is loud

 In partnership with Nobel, a mobile app activation featured VOD from Oslo, where users were able to watch the live concert as a curated feed or one where they could control the camera angles themselves (including the 2D broadcast).

360 Virtual Reality